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Rob Phelan, aka The FI Educator, is a high school personal finance and math teacher in Maryland. He has a passion for helping to create a more financially literate society, to help break the cycle of high levels of debt and stress that come with uneducated decision making with regards to money. Rob has co-created the ChooseFI K-12 Financial Literacy and Financial Independence Curriculum, which you can find at www.choosefi.com/k12, and this is free for educators to use in their own classrooms. Rob is also the author of The Simple StartUp: A Beginner’s Guide To Starting A Business (www.thesimplestartup.com) and he enjoys mentoring young entrepreneurs as they start and grow their own businesses.
Rob and his family are on the path to Financial Independence, which they pursue through the principles discussed in this blog: earn more, spend less, invest the difference, and enjoy the journey.